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Did you realize?

Current category analysis methods in color cosmetics do not include product color, although it is one of the most important business drivers!

Our new approach

We apply color measurement to create digital swatches, to segment the category by color, to enable a systematic shade optimization and to improve category analysis capabilities for Product- and Category Management.

What is in for you?

Our analytical solutions for color cosmetics eliminate existing pain points and enable you to systematically grow sales.

Saving your precious time in Brand Management.

Save your time and get rid of manually creating swatches for competitive products. Use our digital swatches directly with your offtake data in Microsoft Excel.

Enabling more fact-based business decisions.

Use offtake shares of each color family to make fact based assortment, space allocation and promotion decisions using our category segmentation by color.

Systematically detect assortment gaps.

Reduce complexity by systematically benchmarking your assortment vs. competitors within color families.

Increasing your competitive intelligence.

Use our online swatch archive, compare product colors, describe color differences and use color values as reference for production.

Rapidly identify trending colors.

Get market response on current color trends and / or validate your growth assumptions.

Display products using correct colors.

Use almost color-fast banners to display your assortment on brand websites or in online shops.

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