3. Category Analytics

We provide new perspectives on color categories.<br> Discover the category segmented by color.

What is the problem?

Market segments are not well defined, but overlay each other. Subjective color perception and arbitrary segment allocations lead to incomparable market segments over time.

Here is our deal:

We classify products based on their color values, reducing human error completely. You can benefit from stable color segments yielding proportions of business by color family/hue which can be leveraged to improve business decisions on assortment, space allocations and promotion.

CIELAB Color wheel with 12 and 36 hues, lightness and saturation clusters

Get structural analyses from 12 color families, 36 hues, six saturation and three lightness clusters.

Example of Value Proportions of Color Family and Hues

Use proportions of color segments for improved where-to-play choices and space allocations.

Systematic Shade optimization Benchmarking vs. Key Competitor

Systematically compare your own assortment by color segment vs. best-in-class brands.

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Development of 12 color families over time

Benefit from custom analyses and observe the size and development of color segments.

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